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Training and dissemination

The main objectives here are the further dissemination of the products that will be developed in the other work package. This includes tests by and training of end users of these products. Particular activities include:

Basic training of key players in the field of nuclear and radiological emergency and post-accident management by the organization of two basic courses:
  • Training Course on Preparedness and Response for Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies;
  • Training Course on Late Phase Nuclear Accident Preparedness and Management.

Dissemination of knowledge acquired in this project. This includes training related to the use of specific tools developed or updated in this project, as well as main theoretical and practical insights gained within the project.

Development and organisation of comprehensive nuclear/radiological emergency exercises. Two exercises will be organised:
  • Emergency exercise to evaluate the response during an accident involving an international transport of radioactive material;
  • Table-top exercise to evaluate the preparedness for monitoring the extent of a large scale cross-border radioactive contamination in the aftermath of a nuclear accident.
Final dissemination workshop to demonstrate the new methods and tools to all potential end users